WW2 Lancaster Pilot Story – Rusty Waughman

Sunday 17th November 2019 at 14.30hrs:
“WW2 Lancaster Pilot Story”
by Flt. Lt. Rusty Waughman DFC, AFC, Legion d’honneur
Born in 1923, the son of a Durham handyman, at 17 Russell “Rusty” Waughman
volunteered for RAF aircrew. He trained in Canada then returned to England & by
November 1943 was posted to 101 [Special Duties] Squadron. Carrying secret radio
counter measures to jam German night fighter transmissions they were especially
vulnerable to attack.
101 Squadron had the highest casualty rate in RAF bomber command. On the
Nuremberg raid of 30th March 1944 over 96 RAF aircraft were shot down. 101 Sdn sent
out 26 aircraft and lost a quarter of its squadron.
Rusty flew 30 missions and after his final operation on the eve of D-Day, he was told by
his CO that they were the first crew to finish a tour (of 30 ops) in almost six months.
From the ‘pilot’s seat’, Rusty relates his experiences of flying the legendary Avro
Lancaster – including, possibly the only pilot to barrel roll a Lancaster in combat. If you
attended his previous “Berlin Airlift” talk, you know this story is not to be missed .

Admission to talk: £5.00 per person
Groups may book tickets in advance

Proceeds of this talk go to the RAF Benevolent Fund

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