We have free WiFi facilities – the access code is sywell887 – and around the museum you will find various QR codes – these can be scanned by your mobile device to take you to a WiKi page or Youtube video explaining all about the particular exhibit in question.

We have a small shop selling model kits, books and other items.

Accessibility – there is a small ramp leading into the entrance hall, and we have made efforts to keep walkways within the museum wide enough for a wheelchair. If you need any assistance please ask one of our volunteer staff.

There are no refreshment or toilet facilities within the museum itself, but the Aviator Hotel is just the other side of the car park and is the perfect place to unwind with a coffee (or a beer!) while you watch the activities on the airfield.

There is also a cafe on the airfield, located near the control tower – the Pilot’s Mess.