The RAF Hall

The RAF Hall features many artefacts associated with the RAF during WWII and beyond.

Our extensive ordnance collection includes rockets, bombs, a complete loaded bomb trolley with authentic tractor and state of the art air-to-air missiles.

Life on a wartime bomber or fighter station is presented within our RAF cabinets. These contain uniforms, weapons, documents and even bedding together with decorations for valour.

Also featured is a recreation of an RAF Lancaster  wireless operator’s position which is equipped with radios, survival gear and even the radio operator.

A local crash of an RAF Boulton Paul Defiant is commemorated within the RAF Hall. On display are personal effects, aircraft parts and weapons.

The central area contains crash recovered engines, propellers, an sectioned Lynx  engine and a display on radar development.

You can see an aircraft recognition exhibition, a dedicated First World War display featuring local hero and VC winner Mick Mannock, Zeppelin bombs and relics. Together these help transport you back in time to reveal long lost stories.

What to See. Uniforms & Clothing, Medals, Equipment, Aircraft Cockpits, Air Launched Weapons, Instruments, Airframe Parts, Wreck Recovered Artefacts,  Personal Possessions, Stories, Maps, Photographs, Models, Bombs & much more.



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