Winter Talks

Sywell Aviation Museum are pleased to announce our Winter Talks for winter 2023/2024.

All talks are held in the Cirrus Room at the Aviator Hotel. Admission to each talk is £5 per person on the door and we usually hold a small raffle too. Large groups may book tickets in advance (tel: 07711 363392).

Aircrew Stories – Teaching aircrew at Sywell, flying in Lancaster and Spitfire – a talk by David McIntyre.

Sunday 18th February 2024 at 14.30hrs

From training in 1936 to service on bombers and fighter experience.

The B-25 Mitchell – the enduring all-rounder – a talk by Ade Harris

Sunday 17th March 2024 at 14.30hrs

A most versatile medium bomber, the twin engine B-25 served in every theatre of WW2. It was the most heavily armed aircraft in the world, being used for high and low-level bombing, strafing, photoreconnaissance, submarine patrol, and even as a fighter. It was distinguished as the aircraft that completed the historic raid over Tokyo in 1942.

The talk looks at the development of the B-25 in various roles, and the history of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre (LAHC) exhibit, the work currently being done and future plans.

Ade developed an interest in WW2 aircraft whilst at primary school. He served for 30 years in the Royal Air Force as an aircraft engineering technician. After leaving the RAF, he returned to WW2 history, researching many of the ‘lost’ aircraft in the Lake District and further afield.

Joining the LAHC through gun turret restoration and moving back to Lincolnshire, Ade arrived at the same time as the Mitchell and managed to get assigned to that restoration from the start.