We strive to provide a balanced viewpoint. Themed displays reflect this with halls dedicated to the Royal Air Force & our Allies, the USAAF, the Luftwaffe and Sywell Aerodrome itself.

Our extensive ordnance collection includes rockets, bombs, a complete loaded bomb trolley with authentic tractor and state of the art air-to-air missiles.

Life on a wartime bomber or fighter station is presented within our RAF cabinets. These contain uniforms, weapons, documents and even bedding together with decorations for valour.

Also featured is a recreation of an RAF Lancaster  wireless operator’s position which is equipped with radios, survival gear and even the radio operator.

A local crash of an RAF Boulton Paul Defiant is commemorated within the RAF Hall. On display are personal effects, aircraft parts and weapons.

The central area contains relic engines, propellers, a Harvard cockpit and a number of recently recovered B17 Crash Remains.

You can see an aircraft recognition exhibition, a dedicated First World War display featuring local hero and VC winner Mick Mannock, Zeppelin bombs and relics. Together these help transport you back in time to reveal long lost stories.